Monday , 25 May 2020


Say No To Xenophobic Attacks

SAY NO TO XENOPHOBIC ATTACKS The scriptures have said it all When the “End” is near, Nations will rise against nations Strange things will begin to occur Oh,Africa my dear …

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​ I asked a group of 10 and 11 year old pupils what was the main aim of marriage. (They were about 11 or 12 in all).  I gave them …

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The year is gradually winding down. I need to do some serious trimming of the list of people I should keep on my close friends' list. Some have to drop to casual friends' list, while I have to upgrade some to confidants' list. By the way, I have three columns in my virtual friends' book. The first column is titled: Casual friends. The second column is titled: Real friends, while the third column is titled: Confidants.

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