Friday , 3 July 2020

Nigerians Find Pepsico Nigeria Managing Director’s E-mail Unacceptable

Feeling threatened by competition is understandable, especially when it is an unexpected one.

However, composing a hate speech against a nation; cursing it and declaring war against it does not justify it. Pepsico Nigeria Managing Director, Ziad Maloouf, in his e-mail to his subordinates, clearly shows that he feels threatened by the number one Nigerian Indigenous brand, Bigi.

“Nigeria faces an alarming rate of poverty, corruption, battles poor infrastructural facilities, should war be added to these problems?”

‘WAR’ was mentioned six times in the e-mail, Nigeria was cursed by a foreigner; “…it will become a curse that ensures no one takes such a decision again!!!”, the decision being, owning an indigenous brand. This line is enough evidence to show that Maloouf does not mean war against beverage industries only but the WHOLE NATION.

Nigeria needs investors and which better investor than the companies making money off of us? Our indigenous brands invest in Nigeria’s economy, and the foreign brands do not. If they say they do, let them show us round their factories and present their workforce for interview about their welfare; ” …incentives are not paid as and when due” Ziad stated in his controversial email. Yet, they plan to destroy one of our own.

It is known to all that Bigi is the brand with bigger packs and lower prices, a proudly Nigerian brand which has come to stay and is highly valued by Nigerians. Little wonder why Pepsi would feel threatened by this powerful Nigerian indigenous brand.

Furthermore, according to the email, ‘A player’ and ‘B brand’ are used to point out Pepsi and Bigi, respectively. Are there any criterion concerning how to be an A player? Or a B-brand? If there are, who made them? Who named them the A players and indigenous companies B brands? Who died and made Pepsi king?

Research has it that Rite Foods Limited owns the best factory in the whole continent. Their beverages are free of sweeteners unlike their counterparts. These sweeteners are added to their beverages to make people addictive, hence improving profit. These sweeteners are however, dangerous to the health. Rite Foods does not need sweeteners to improve profit, Nigerians have the back of Rite Foods Ltd and that is enough to keep them going.

Abroad, Nigerians are not allowed to flourish in their businesses, yet a foreigner, Lebanese for that matter, would come here to order us never to dream of prospering in our own land? He stated, “B-brand dream of taking over Nigeria from A-Players must be put to bed…..once and for all!!! ” This is highly preposterous. Annihilation of Nigerian indigenous brands will not be successful, not on our watch. Nigerians have the right to dream. We have the right to build factories, develop companies and flourish in our motherland. No one can take that from us, especially not foreigners.

Quality and innovation wise, Rite Foods Limited leads any foreign industry any day, any time.

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