Friday , 3 July 2020


I heard several tales of lawlessness of the Fulani herdsmen from people close to me. One of the stories I heard was how they raped women, robbed hapless travellers and killed whoever crossed their paths. I never really had any firsthand experience. All I knew about them were what I heard and read…

But I had a first hand experience recently. I had a small farm, a kind of experimental farm. It was a maize farm. I was trying to test my feet in agribusiness in anticipation for something more meaningful. I kept on counting days…I was monitoring the progress of the farm. Everything was doing fine until…

…Until I got a call from someone who visited the farm. She had a bad news for me. Certain nomads led their flock to my farm and ate all maize stalks without leaving any stalk standing! I was shocked. Not even one stalk standing? I learnt that the invasion was not restricted to my farm alone, all the neighbouring farmlands were not spared. That was three months down the drain! But we were fortunate that no life was lost. On some farms, women were raped, young men were butchered in cold blood. These fair skinned invaders seem to be above the law.

All these under-lords have overlords at the corridor of power; and these lawless overlords are larger than life. A certain overlord stole the pension funds and was still reinstalled through the recommendation of a fellow overlord. These under-lords enjoy such limitless powers because they have their sponsors who steal workers salaries, sit on cooperative funds of hundreds of thousands of workers, build mansions when workers are hungry, spend billions of naira on medical bills without declaring the source of such funds, etc.

The analogy is a simple metaphor: the overlords oppressed the nation at large, while the under-lords are delegated to spread the oppression to the local communities so that everyone will have his or her share of oppression.


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The year is gradually winding down. I need to do some serious trimming of the list of people I should keep on my close friends' list. Some have to drop to casual friends' list, while I have to upgrade some to confidants' list. By the way, I have three columns in my virtual friends' book. The first column is titled: Casual friends. The second column is titled: Real friends, while the third column is titled: Confidants.

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