Friday , 3 July 2020


The year is gradually winding down. I need to do some serious trimming of the list of people I should keep on my close friends’ list. Some have to drop to casual friends’ list, while I have to upgrade some to confidants’ list. By the way, I have three columns in my virtual friends’ book. The first column is titled: Casual friends. The second column is titled: Real friends, while the third column is titled: Confidants.

The year had shown me so far that I was mistaken drawing three columns. I suppose to have four columns. The fourth column should be titled: Irrelevant “friends”.

I have discovered in the course of the year, that spending time with negatively minded, myopic individuals had done me a lot more ill than combating the enemies. Some people that I spent a few minutes talking to really don’t deserve a second of my life.

Time is money; investing it in people whose lives don’t yield commensurate interest or profit is a total waste to me. A major part of this year had been wasted hanging around people whose interest are inimical to mine; whose destinations are opposed to mine.

I am trying to recover my lost life. I have got a big scissors in my mind’s imaginary hand. The first condition is that anyone that I’m only an option to, I don’t make him or her a compulsory person in my life. I’m taking charge of my life. Anyway, a person is in, only if he’s useful or relevant. Then, I classify the degree of the person’s usefulness. This will determine the column he or she occupies in my life.

Thinking all day about someone who doesn’t spare a minute of his time to think about me is an emotional loss. I can’t afford such monumental loss any more. I will do this audit work every week. I will also extend it to all my television programmes. Any programme that doesn’t directly advance my career will no more have a space in my schedule. Any social function that wouldn’t contribute any positive thing to my life does not worth my time. I will reduce my activities so that what will be left are only things that I must do to be the best I can be.

I think in the end, what really matters are the positive things I do with my life. So, I will take charge of little details, so that I can have a happy life in the end.



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