Friday , 3 July 2020


   When I walked pass the department of religion of Lagos State University a few days back, I saw two big posters pasted one above the other.
 They both had something in common: the number 64.
The university is to hold her 64th inaugural lecture. That is always the height of the display of intellectualism. By attending inaugural lectures one would see research at its imperial best. Professors would stand on the podium to dissect problems and proffer solutions to them.
Then I sighted another 64 in the other poster. It was the obituary of Professor Oluwole Omikorede. He was the dean of faculty of science. He was 64 when he died. He wouldn’t be able to attend the inaugural lecture. His own journey had come to an end, just as mine will come to an end one day.
I wonder why human journey will always come to an end. I thought we should live forever. But the reality is that everyone’s journey will come to an end some day. But what will happen to all the nights of academic research and endless studies? What of all the diplomas and certificates? Death is a loser. It is the most wicked event in the history of humanity. Death is an enemy.
As wicked as death is, it teaches humanity to be humble. Whether a man is a professor, or a clergy or a billionaire; death is an imminent end and it would come when it must.
Therefore, while the glory of a man glitters in the hottest noon, he must remember the time when all that would be left are the silver linings across the dark night; when all that would be remembered about a person are the good, the bad and the ugly sides of his lifetime.
The irony of the story is this: people will shed some tears but they would still go ahead to attend the inaugural lecture which is a celebration of knowledge. The best that could happen is a minute silent in honour of the dead, while life will keep on running on its endless cycle.
At the inaugural lecture, knowledge will be displayed at its mercurial best, but it wouldn’t be able to bring the professor back to life nor be able to proffer solution to the problem of death.



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