Marvel hints at Daredevil’s death

Marvel has released an official teaser that seems to hint at the death of DAREDEVIL – or an “end” of sorts – with more information promised to be revealed later this month.

For those who may have been missing out, the current Daredevil run from writer Charles Soule is one of the strongest since Frank Miller’s. With a strong legal background of his own, Soule has fleshed out the worlds of both Daredevil and Matt Murdock. One of his best arcs saw Daredevil head to the Supreme Court in an attempt to allow masked vigilantes to testify against criminals. The current story sees Daredevil working to unseat Wilson Fisk, who has become Mayor of New York

But Marvel’s latest teaser suggests that Daredevil’s story may be coming to a close… and we don’t mean a planned retirement.

Marvel has released a single mysterious image by artist Bill Sienkiewicz showing Matt Murdock standing in a field of corn, reaching out an arm to what seems to be his former girlfriend Karen Page. It’s important to remember that, in the comics, Page has been dead since 1999. Significantly, the woman in the image has the same clothes Karen was wearing when she was murdered by Bullseye.

The teaser certainly seems to imply that Daredevil is set to die. Of course, superheroes die all the time; in fact, Soule was writer of the Death of Wolverine miniseries back in 2014, and this week will see him begin to explain the mystery of Wolverine’s resurrection. Death and life are particularly fluid in Daredevil’s world, given he’s the sworn enemy of the Hand – a group that routinely uses arcane rites to raise the dead. But Soule has been teasing a major Daredevil announcement for some time on his personal website, and kept building the hype following the release of this teaser image.

SOURCE: screenrants.com

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