Lady cuts off boyfriend’s PENIS for cheating on her

A jealous lover has cut off her boyfriend’s PENIS in the wake of associating him with cheating, it has been asserted.

Envious sweetheart Rehema Kabayana, 24, was persuaded Anthony Sekawa, 28, was having an unsanctioned romance.

She supposedly utilized a four-inch blade to get her revenge, reports the PML Every day in Uganda.

As indicated by police, she held up until the point when her lover had slept off before doing the deed.

Neighbors heard his cries of torment and called police. Sekawa was then raced to healing facility.

He told police that the couple had got into a battle, amid which she had clearly attempted to cut his throat.

He later nodded off, and that is when Kabayana is said to have hacked off Sekawa’s masculinity.

“I then discovered that he was secretly going out and flirting with other girls at different bars. This made me very angry. I was full of anger inside and couldn’t relax,” she told them.

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