Hushpuppi claims $100,000 is small money, “before you look left and right, it’s gone”

The Gucci master recently proclaimed that N36 million is small money in his world and he only uses it for maintenance.

Apparently, in Gucci master, Hushpuppi’s world, N36 million is not good enough for investment, rather it is the kind of money he just uses to maintain his creme dela creme lifestyle.

In a recent post shared on Snapchat, Hush who is known for his love for luxurious designers and exotic travels proclaimed that N36 million is small money to him. Boasting that his inflow has made him live such an expensive lifestyle that such amount is only used to maintain his expensive taste but can’t do much for him.

With that kind of statement, one won’t be wrong to believe that Hushpuppi is a balling billionaire.


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